Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ABSTRACT LENS: Head or Heart?

My reply to Narayan Pillai
Mumbai, India

Narayan, my friend, I can tell you one thing about your art. That is that you love the work you do. That is really the essential ingredient in the creation of any great work. All good artists are continually learning new ways to make their work better. Art degrees are helpful, but have little to do with creative process. I've found that knowing how much time you can give to your work daily is a matter of trial and, error. It will, however, depend on at least these; discipline, ingenuity, and, circumstance. I will always encourage a person to follow their dream and believe.

You can check out his work and comment too

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Narayan Pillai said...

Steve..I am so grateful to you for taking time to visit my blog and go through my work. Thanks also for your encouraging words. It's really nice of you to link my work back on your blog. I am honoured to have a friend like you. I cant thank you enough for all that you have done. May god always fill your heart with happiness:)