Saturday, April 24, 2010

Santa Cruz Ca.

12"x16" Oil and sketches


Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Steve!... Love this loose... painterly Santa Cruz piece... gets right to "the meat" of the subject!

Your inclusion of your sketches and studies really do add insights to your process and thinking. Also a bonus for "You"... in that you enter the process well prepared for the experience!

Enjoyed the post!

Steve Washburn said...

Thanks Bruce,
I often think about the painter's statement that what you leave out takes more thought than what you put in the painting. It's still a slow process but becoming clearer.

Luzia said...

Uhhhh, I like this series! It reminds me on the Easter sea - my great love.... Greetings from Luzia.

Steve Washburn said...

Hi Luzia, Glad to hear from you again!
Santa Cruz Ca. is special to us also. It will always be home to us no matter where we live.