Friday, March 19, 2010

Holland Pieces

I was thinking how it's as important for the shapes in a painting to relate to each other as
it is objects in a still life.


Sheila Vaughan said...

Hi Steve, thanks for commenting on my blog recently about the myriad ways to apply paint to surface! I'm so glad you did because now I have seen your work for the first time, I'll surely be back regularly. You have a unique colour sense Steve. I think these paintings are little gems. Please watch out for a posting of mine in the future on colour choices because I would love to get your comments on that.

Steve Washburn said...

Thank you Sheila!

Just the phrase "Color choices" sounds interesting, I'll be looking forward to your post!
Where I have these little paintings hanging, the spectrum from a prism shown on one, a very random, and pleasing patch of color showed up in the foreground. It got me thinking how that un-obvious colors sometime work in a painting also.

Melanie Rawlings said...

Reminds me of the trip my mother took to Holland. Great shading

Steve Washburn said...

Thanks for commenting Melanie!
I've been experimenting with back lighting the last few still life setups. Some of the mood comes through, but I haven't yet gotten the "corona" effect I'm looking for.

Lori Bonanni said...

Nice composition - I love how you handled the negative space background.

Steve Washburn said...

Thanks Lori!
I like what you said on your profile, "outside soon painting plein air"
Me too.